IEEE-SJCE Student Branch which started as an elite group 20 years ago, today has sprawled throughout the campus of SJCE, making the students technically more competitive, more professional and enhancing their abilities as an engineer. Since then IEEE-SJCE STUDENT BRANCH, a division under region 10 of IEEE has been known for the immensity with which its members were bestowed. The very success story of it students as professionals into their respective fields after graduations speaketh of its standards.



We bring you Technology, IEEE-SJCE members are the driving force behind providing technical expertise and innovation, driving global participation, and pursuing the ongoing advancement and promotion of new concepts.

Best Team

We have the best team who are excellent in their field on expertise and who can help you through your endeavours.

Practical Training

One thing in particular you can always expect from IEEE-SJCE is practical training, may it be working with circuits or building your own bot or perhaps hosting your personal site , we are always there for you!




The selected members will be getting a 50% off on their basic IEEE membership fees !(ie. 950 INR OFF) Congratulations to all the selected members from the entire team of IEEE-SJCE. The selected students are as follows : 1. Amogh Joshi (Ec) 2. Vishruth (Mech) 3. Atharva (Is ) 4.Niranjan (Ec) 5.Abhiram (Ec) PS: Contact the registration desk for further details.

"Great thing are not done by impulse, but a series of small things brought together" 🌍 ☘ Here is an initiative taken up by IEEE SJCE as part of "Go Green" project. We will now be using our app for registrations and queries and thus reducing usage of papers..! ☘ You can now register for any event through our app. ☘ You will be notified about latest updates and the upcoming events. ☘ Each time you register you save one sheet of paper! ☘ In furthur updates we will make all the tests online thus add to the cause. ☘ Download this app from the play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ieeesjce.app ☘ Be a part of Go Green project and help build a pleasant environment...! App credits: IEEE WDB.

IEEE SJCE is delighted to announce that this year we have formed a collaboration with the biggest student engagement platform Startversity,which will provide all our members with internships at reputed companies all over the state and help us push our workshops to the next level! Startversity is India's first student engagement platform where students can work, learn and earn. It's the best forum to kickstart a career with the best opportunities presented through a multitude of events, workshops, courses, internships as well as campus placements for students from every stream of learning. True to its name, Startversity is the best way to start your university learning. Startversity with IEEE-SJCE will in turn help channelize one's undergraduate learning process similar to any other top university in the globe.

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Ever felt building a circuit is difficult?? Are you finding difficult to understand and use components..?? Want to know about basics of electronics?? component testing??area of application?? The ..... Read More --

πŸ”°Hello people..! We hope you have all begun you're semesters on a high note. We, at IEEE SJCE, have the tradition of introducing you to our student branch and to the all the special stuff at SJCE. IEEE ..... Read More --

Hello peeps ! Want to have some fun ? Want to have an evening full of masti and enjoyment ? So here we have "Impromptu" ,the fun event conducted by IEEE-SJCE on August 16 at 5 p.m at Mechanical auditorium. There ..... Read More --

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